About Remit Insure

Given that global flows of remittances are expected to grow to $636 billion in 2017, remittances are vitally important. For some countries, these peer-to-peer cash transfers have comprised up to 40% of the gross domestic product (GDP)*. Within the U.S., a growing population of 40 million legal immigrants and expatriates** send as much as $61 billion in outbound transfers in 2015 - making it the largest sender market in the world.***

You work hard to provide financial support for your loved ones back home. What happens to them if something happens to you?

When remittances are interrupted, some recipients may face financial challenges. Help protect your loved ones around the world. A Remit Insure policy can help ease the financial obligations placed on your dependents in their home countries. In a matter of minutes, apply for coverage, without taking a medical exam, choosing multiple beneficiaries around the world. Our policy, underwritten by American Fidelity Assurance Company, provides coverage up to $50,000 USD, which will be paid to your loved ones in the event of your death. With Remit Insure, you can help provide your loved ones’ with financial protection.

As a fully licensed independent brokerage, Risk Cooperative operates along the full spectrum of known risks and insurance classes, including life, health, property and casualty solutions.

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